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Meet your Vero Beach, FL, Family Dentist

For over twelve years, Jeffrey J. Strauss DDS has been serving Vero Beach patients from the same office location 37th Street, but he brings nearly 30 years of dental experience to his current office. Before starting work in a private practice in 1989, Dr. Strauss attended Emory University from 1983 to 1989, where he completed his undergraduate in Dentistry in 1987 and a two-year residency for general practice.

Today, the highly qualified staff at Jeffrey J. Strauss DDS has years of dental experience and focuses on guiding patients to optimal oral health with preventive care. Our staff is cheerful and welcoming, and we all work hard to create a clean, peaceful environment that puts you at ease. Our office is currently welcoming new patients of all ages, promising high quality, honest, and compassionate dental work at a fair and transparent price. Contact us to learn more about our services!

Meet Our Team

Dr. Strauss, Dentist
30 years of experience

Anita, Dental Assistant
30 years of experience

Jan, Hygienist
31 years of experience

Jerika, Dental Assistant
12 years of experience


Wendy, Front Desk
40 years of experience

Anita, Hygienist
23 years of experience

Meet our team in person today!
(772) 770-2588