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Locally Made Dental Crowns for Vero Beach, FL, Patients

When you come to Jeffrey J. Strauss DDS in Vero Beach for any kind of dental restoration like a crown or bridge, you’ll know that any permanent dental restorations you receive are made entirely in the United States by a local lab we’ve worked with for years. Dr. Strauss has over 30 years of experience helping patients enjoy their best possible oral health with both natural teeth and dental crowns and bridges, so he brings his experience and commitment to quality to our current office in Vero Beach and to the selection of any manufacturers used to make your custom restorations. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation or dental exam.

Crowns and bridges

Crowns And Bridges For Teeth
Dental crowns and caps are synthetic (usually porcelain but sometimes steel, ceramic, or resin based) replacements that permanently adhere to the top of a tooth to instantly restore the tooth’s shape, function, color, or overall appearance. You may need a crown or bridge, that is, multiple tooth replacements instead of a single crown, in a few different circumstances. The first common use of a crown is to restore a tooth after an injury or other damage, like a chipped or cracked tooth.Another common use of a crown or bridge is when decay in one or more teeth requires large portions of the tooth or teeth to be removed.

In this case, crowns are often used to make the change invisible, or to follow another restorative procedure like a root canal. If you’re experiencing partial loss of a tooth where some of your natural tooth is still present and healthy, Jeffrey J. Strauss DDS can treat stabilized partial tooth loss with dental crowns and dental bridges. First, the remaining teeth are prepared to create space for the dental crowns. Meanwhile, in our partner dental lab in the United States, the crowns, gum base, and new tooth cap (or bridge, for multiple teeth) are created. When the custom pieces are ready, you can return to our office for the crowns and caps to be secured to the teeth to smooth the overall appearance of the teeth and restore normal chewing functions. Once complete, your new teeth will be secure enough to enjoy your favorite foods, speak with confidence, and smile without being concerned about how your teeth may appear. You can care for your dental crowns and dental bridges like you would your natural teeth, and they should remain in place for years.

For patients who already have dental crowns, you’re already familiar with the process, but Jeffrey J. Strauss DDS can also help you keep your existing restorative dental work in good shape by replacing older crowns and bridges for a like-new appearance. If your dental work feels uncomfortable or has become discolored or chipped, make an appointment to see us for replacements that bring back your smile!

Come into our office

Regardless of what kind of treatments you need or how long it’s been since your last visit, Jeffrey J. Strauss DDS and our welcoming dental team is happy to see you and answer your questions about everything from caring for your teeth or planning a treatment to financing options. Contact our office today for a regular checkup to examine the state of any restorations or reach us after-hours for emergency care if you experience a sudden problem or pain with your dental restoration.

Call our friendly staff today to learn more!
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