Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry For Patients In Vero Beach, FL

At Jeffrey J. Strauss DDS, we make beautiful, functional smiles a reality thanks to our expert staff and experienced dentist. Patients of all ages can work with us to build a plan toward their smile goals and feel confident in everyday life, all with non-invasive cosmetic treatment from our office. A great smile isn’t far away—just one phone call, in fact. Dr. Jeffrey Strauss wants you to feel proud of your appearance and be more comfortable when interacting with people around you. Contact us today to learn more about veneers, dental bonding, and teeth whitening.


Cosmetic Dentistry For A Healthier, More Beautiful Smile

Some cosmetic dentistry is also functional, like improving your bite pattern for even wear or using dentures to restore facial appearance and chewing ability. Cosmetic procedures are designed to improve the appearance of your smile and restore your confidence, rather than solve a purely functional issue with your ability to eat or speak. Aesthetic dentistry caters to a wide variety of different needs and wants among patients who want to improve their smile, such as teeth whitening, for example. One of the most common cosmetic procedures, bleaching tooth enamel professionally removes stains more effectively than over-the-counter whitening options. Smile Goals
When you make an appointment to come to Jeffrey J. Strauss DDS in Vero Beach, Dr. Strauss will listen to your smile goals or areas about your teeth you’d like to change, and then make custom treatment recommendations based on your dental health and dream smile.

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In addition to bleaching treatments for whiter teeth, our office can also help you reshape your smile for a more even look by using dental bonding or veneers. Dental bonding is a fast and easy way to fill in minor chips and cracks with a sealant blended to your natural tooth color. If a bonding treatment isn’t enough to address a blemish or misshapen tooth, we can fit custom veneers to your teeth that immediately cover and reshape the tooth with no pain or invasive surgery. Learn more about dental veneers by reading our Veneers page.

If you have older amalgam fillings (metal fillings in gold or silver that are visible on the chewing surface of your tooth), you might want to consider replacing these fillings with a natural, resin-based composite filling. This simple cosmetic procedure is one that most people may not realize is an option, but at our office, we’re happy to help reduce the appearance of shiny metal fillings for a more natural look when talking and smiling.

Healthy Habits At Home

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In between dental appointments, it’s important to brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss once a day to remove the buildup of food and plaque and keep teeth enamel shiny and healthy after a professional cleaning or bleaching. In between dental appointments, you can use these oral care tips on brushing to practice healthy habits at home. First and foremost, daily flossing prevents cavities and periodontal disease, increases blood circulation in your gums, and removes debris that stick to your teeth and gums. Next, effective brushing usually takes about three minutes, and you should brush all surfaces of your teeth, not just the front, using a fluoride toothpaste brand in the morning and evening.

That includes all teeth, moving the brush back and forth gently in a circular motion to remove any plaque around the gum. Brush only a few teeth at a time and gradually cover your entire mouth. Brushing up and down wears down your tooth structure and can lead to receding gums. Finally, brush your tongue gently to remove trapped bacteria— it’s a natural way to freshen your breath! Another way to keep your breath fresh and teeth healthy during the day is to complete a simple brushing with plain water (or rinse your mouth) for 30 seconds after lunch.