Endodontic Care In Vero Beach, FL

The term endodontics is simply a part of overall dental care that focuses on the care and treatment of the dental pulp within a tooth. Every endodontist is also a dentist by default, but finding a local dentist who also specializes in endodontic care is a little harder because it’s a specific branch of dentistry that requires extra education and training. The dental team at Jeffrey J. Strauss DDS has the additional training and experience needed to help you care for the root causes of toothaches and pain, so contact us today to make an appointment if you’re experiencing discomfort.

When you schedule a visit to our office, Dr. Strauss can examine and diagnose the health of your teeth and gums, both inside and out. While we always look ahead for ways to prevent disease, we’ll make treatment recommendations based on the current state of your dental pulp health, from preventive care to tooth extraction, if necessary.


Root Canals

Visualization of the root of a tooth

One of the most common treatments associated with the practice of endodontics is a root canal. If you’re experiencing chronic pain around a certain tooth, it may be a sign of a tooth infection worth a trip to our office. When the soft tissue of a tooth becomes infected and begins to decay, the swollen infected area builds up over time and leads to increased discomfort and sensitivity in the pulp of the tooth. In addition to an internal infection, external trauma to the tooth from an accident or injury may also compromise the soft tissue, leading to similar problems, sensitivity, and pain. If the infection is not addressed in a timely manner, it can become serious enough that root canal surgery is required to remove the infection and clean the area.

During a root canal procedure, diseased tissue is removed from the affected area in order to stop the spread of infection and to restore the tooth back to good health. Root canal treatment usually requires a few visits to our dental clinic in order to X-ray and examine the area to see the shape of your teeth below the gum line. Once our team is ready to start the root canal, Dr. Strauss will use a local anesthetic to prevent any discomfort during the process of drilling into the tooth enough to remove and disinfect the dental pulp inside. Finally, our team will refill the drilled hole and finish with a temporary or permanent dental crown to retain the original look and feel of your natural tooth.

Preventing Disease

To prevent a tooth infection and the need to have a root canal procedure, good oral hygiene is critical. Brushing your teeth at least twice a day and flossing once a day, combined with regular check-ups and teeth cleanings from the office of Jeffrey J. Strauss DDS will help minimize the need for dental surgery. Call our office today to schedule an exam or just a routine checkup.

Lady smiling while her teeth are getting checked out